One Piece Episode 552 Sub Indo

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One Piece Episode 552 Sub Indo

Ryugu kingdom in great confusion, the princes who want to help the king was losing the battle against the followers of hody jones and eventually became a prisoner. Jimbei and shirohosi went to the place of execution in order to save his family, namely the kings and princes, but the journey shirahosi and Jimbei trapped by a trap set by the human fish and brought them to the place of execution.

hody jones no such inhibitions revealing the secrets behind the murder of the queen Otohime the entire royal family and royal society Ryugu. hody is strongly opposed to human beings living together secretly to stage a coup against the royal Ryugu and sent a man and promised a reward to him in terms of burning the entire community Ryugu signature approving the Otohime purpose. hody jones without hesitation to shoot the queen was overwhelmed rescue Otohime signature being burned by humans.

when people are asked to return for Jones hody, hody Jones also refused to give in return is due to a sense of hatred towards the human hody difficult relieved to finally kill the man. kings, princes and the whole community was shocked to hear the story Ryugu, just shirahosi the hody was not surprised to hear stories jones, because shirahosi already know who the mastermind behind the murder of the queen Otohime since childhood, and keep the secret. Was going Luffy and his friends help shirahosi and Ryugu kingdom?

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